Baby's First Year

Resource 1: Snuggles, Smiles, and the Art of Lifelong Connection

Safe Havens and Safe Bases

We hear all the time in our clinical practice that moms are anxious about ensuring that they are building a secure attachment with their little ones. And our biggest message is that doing so does NOT require perfection, but connection. Attachment is based on:

  • A sense of safety
  • A sense of feeling seen (attuned to)
  • The experience of being comforted, valued, or delighted in
  • A sense of support

You can’t spoil a baby — so pick them up, give them cuddles and comfort when they cry, smile with them as they explore, and be present with them to encourage their growth. One of our favorite models for this is the Circle of Security. Check out all the amazing resources on their website for more support being your child’s safe haven and safe base.

Resource 2: Playful Strategies for Bonding and Development

As the first year of your baby's life comes to a close, you find yourself at the threshold of a remarkable journey—transitioning from the tender moments of infancy to the exciting stage of toddlerhood. This period marks not only physical milestones but also the flourishing of your child's personality and cognitive abilities. Navigating this transition is a magical time filled with discovery, laughter, and shared joy.  To support this transition, we're here to share the good stuff – all things play-related that keep you and your kiddo close. From silly faces to pillow forts, we're unpacking playful tricks that not only bring you joy but also help your tiny human hit those important developmental milestones. So, buckle up for the next chapter of parenting where play is not just a game but the secret sauce to lifelong connections.