Resource 1: Navigating the Unexpected: Realistic Perspectives on Your Birth Plan

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Check out our birth plan, created by by Jen Burke, LMSW, IMH-E & Aimee Tuck, LLP, PMH-C

Resource 2: The Playbook for Postpartum Planning!

Resource 3: Thriving After Birth: 10 Essential Wellness Tips for the Postpartum Journey

RECAP: 10 Tips for Postpartum Recovery

1. Lights, Camera, Nap-tion: Our first tip is a blockbuster – get those power naps in. Sleep is your superpower, and you've earned the right to sneak in some Z's whenever and wherever you can. So, lights out, camera off, and nap-tion begins! And here's a superhero secret: sleep isn't just restful; it's the number one protective factor against PMADS (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders). So, consider those naps your trusted sidekick on your journey to emotional well-being!"

2. Sip, Sip, Hooray! Stay Hydrated: Cheers to hydration! Water, water, and more water. You're basically a hydration superhero now. It's your secret weapon for feeling energized and ready to tackle the next baby adventure.

3. Chow Down on the Good Stuff: Let's talk about food, glorious food! Your body just did a marathon; it deserves a feast. Load up on nutrient-rich goodies – the fuel that'll turn you into a postpartum superhero.

4. Yoga for Moms...and Babies Too: For our next tip, we're adding a dash of yoga – not just for you, but for the little one too. It's a bonding experience, a workout, and a chance for everyone to stretch out those post-birth kinks.

5. SOS – Seek Out Support: You're not Wonder Woman; you're a Wonder Mom. Tip number five: Seek Out Support (SOS). Call in the troops – friends, family, anyone willing to lend a hand. Teamwork makes the dream work!

6. Emotions, Express Yourself: Time for a little emotional karaoke. Express yourself! Whether it's singing in the shower or crying over spilled milk (literally), let those postpartum emotions flow. It's therapeutic! And remember, if these feelings don't lessen over time or feel unmanageable, don't hesitate to ask for help from a professional. There's no shame in seeking support, and you deserve all the care and assistance you need.

7. A Little Me-Time: Embrace moments of self-indulgence, it’s not selfish, it’s necessary! Treat yourself to a little pampering, whether it's a quiet read, a soothing cup of tea, or simply taking a well-deserved breather. Because, hey, you've earned it.

8. Playdates with Other Moms: Next up, playdates. Not for the baby – for you! Connect with other moms who are in the same baby-boot-camp. Swap stories, share advice, and maybe even trade snacks.

9. Realistic Expectations – You're a Supermom, Not a Robot: Let's talk expectations. You're a supermom, not a robot. Set realistic expectations. Some days you'll conquer the world; others, just making it through without spit-up on your shirt is a win.

10. Celebrate the Small Wins – You Deserve a Gold Star: Last but not least, celebrate the small wins. Did you manage to take a shower? Gold star! Baby slept for more than two hours? Gold star! Every win, no matter how small, deserves a victory dance.