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Bloom "Anytime" Mom Box

Bloom "Anytime" Mom Box

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🌸 Immerse yourself in self-care with our Bloom Box! Discover at least seven carefully selected and CUTE items, sourced from women-owned, eco-friendly businesses, to brighten your motherhood journey. Plus, each box is accompanied by resources created JUST FOR YOU by perinatal experts.

Good for mamas in any stage of motherhood, our Bloom Boxes may include items for:

🍏 Nutrition: Quick and nutritious protein snacks to keep you energized – sustaining you while caring for your little one.

🛁 Self-Care: Soothe yourself with items such as Earth Mama Organics bath soak, providing a moment of tranquility amidst the chaos.

☕ Fun: Whether it’s a calming coloring book, an adorable mama hat, or the cutest mama coffee mug, these products are meant to provide moments of joy.

📚 Education: Expand your knowledge with carefully selected books offering guidance for navigating the postpartum period.

💚 Healing/Health: Experience the surprise of healing and health items from postpartum hormone rollers to the most amazing hand sanitizer – each box is a delightful discovery.

Let us take care of you, so you can focus on beautiful moments with your baby. Because every mama deserves a little extra TLC on this incredible journey.

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