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Rise Mom & Toddler Box

Rise Mom & Toddler Box

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🌈 Introducing the Mom and Toddler Box – an all-inclusive package thoughtfully curated to enhance the bond between a mother and her toddler, with  handpicked items designed to foster moments of joy, learning, and convenience for both mom and child.  Our Mom and Toddler Boxes feature items sourced from women-owned and eco-friendly businesses.

Plus, each box is accompanied by resources created JUST FOR YOU by perinatal, infant, and early childhood therapists.

🌼 For the Mom:

  • Pampering essentials: Indulgent skincare products, rejuvenating bath items, or wellness treats for moments of relaxation and self-care.

  • Parenting resources: Books, guides, or helpful tips focusing on toddler development, parenting strategies, and nurturing a healthy family environment.

  • Lifestyle items: Thoughtful surprises like accessories, stationery, or household goods that align with a mom's interests and lifestyle.

🧒 For the Toddler:

  • Educational toys: Age-appropriate toys, games, or puzzles encouraging cognitive development, creativity, and motor skills.

  • Interactive learning materials: Books, flashcards, or activity sets tailored to enhance early learning experiences and curiosity.

  • Cozy apparel or adorable accessories: Comfortable clothing items, cute accessories, or practical items like sippy cups or snack containers suited for a toddler's needs.

  • Items that incorporate bonding activities, ensuring quality time together through activities that promote interaction and fun.

More than products, it's a curated support for a mother's journey, nurturing and guiding her toddler through crucial developmental stages, fostering their relationship with engagement and love.

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