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Sibling Box

Sibling Box

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🎉 Celebrate the arrival of a sweet new baby and support the proud sibling with our specially crafted Sibling Box - winner of the Parent’s Picks Award Best Preschool Products 2024!

Inside each Sibling Box, discover three items, meticulously curated to target a variety of developmental skills, enhance emotional health, and provide access to art and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities, including:

  • 📚 Books: Engage the older sibling's imagination with carefully selected books, entertaining and promoting cognitive development and a love for reading.

  • 🧸 Toys: Foster creativity and play with developmentally appropriate toys, enhancing fine and gross motor skills for hours of enjoyment.

  • 🎲 Games: Encourage bonding and interactive play with fun games contributing to cognitive development and social skills.

  • 🌸 Resources: Navigate these big family adjustments with exclusive resources created JUST FOR YOU by our clinical experts.

With items sourced from women-owned, environmentally friendly businesses, these boxes are designed by early childhood therapists to make older siblings feel loved and cherished during this big family moment.

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Customer Reviews

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elizabeth garcia
Great gift for big brother (big sister)

I got my 1 year old the sibling Box because he deserves it I know he will love it i wish bloom and rise would make boxes for 9/10 year olds because I would have totally have gotten him one also! The busy board the box comes with I know my son will love it also can we talk about Callie the cow or you have the option to choose the pup wish I could have chosen that one but it was oos it reminds me of when my oldest would walk around with his pup plush he would take it everywhere he would still have it up to this date he accidentally dropped it in the grocery store and when we went back they told us he was already in the trash compactor okay long story short if you are thinking about getting this box for your babies (older siblings) please do it is totally worth it ! They deserve the best gift box !

Robbie Burke
Sibling Box

This box was a perfect big brother gift. The contents were age appropriate as well as “new baby in the house“ appropriate. They provided fun and comfort at the same time. I would absolutely reach out to Bloom and Rise the next time I need a sibling box .