Our Values

We are dedicated to our mission of supporting women-owned businesses and promoting environmental sustainability. Our product sourcing prioritizes these values, ensuring that we contribute to economic empowerment and offer environmentally friendly options to our customers.

We strive to support new parents, infants, and young children through expertly crafted boxes. Developed by perinatal and early childhood specialists, special education certified teachers, and moms, our products cater to diverse needs, ensuring thoughtful and comprehensive support for every family's unique journey.

Our mission is to curate boxes prioritizing moms' well-being, fostering meaningful connections with their children through play and support, with a focus on nurturing secure attachment. We value joy and meaningful interactions, aiming for optimal growth and development in every child.

As experts in perinatal and infant/early childhood mental health, our mission is to celebrate the joys and address challenges of early parenting. Each curated box provides access to tailored online resources, ensuring a holistic approach to support parents in navigating the perinatal period for optimal well-being.